Brand Authenticity

Brand Authenticity

Help Us Fight Fakes

We are aware of the existence of fraudulent websites (including scammers on Amazon, Wish and Ali Express) selling fake Crisiswear products. Some use our images, some use our designs, and some even reproduce our trademark or website, making them particularly misleading for consumers. These sites are often registered with a domain using our trademarked name "Crisiswear" with a slightly different spelling, or with the addition of words such as ‘jackets’, ‘outlet’ or ‘official’; or with the use of different top level domains like .cn or .hk

It is our priority to defend and protect our consumers and our brand image. This is why we have taken every possible action against the sale of fake products and work to shut down misleading sites, web pages and social network pages through legal action via DMCA or other official requests through host providers and IP portals.

If anything about your experience shopping for Crisiswear online feels strange, off or just janky, or if your browser is not pointed at DO NOT complete your online purchase transaction. Instead, record the url and contact us directly.

What You Can Do

If you have ordered or purchased a fake Crisiswear product please:

  • Contact your local authority and your bank to, where possible, block payment made to a suspected fraudulent site.
  • Inform us of the suspected counterfeit product or website, including a link to the site or the name and/or location of the retailer.

Current Authorized Retailers

The following is a list of authorized resellers of Crisiswear clothing and/or clothing design.