Pushing the boundaries of layering #2

Pushing the boundaries of layering #2

By Matthew Deponte


X-Plore Outfit:

- Accomplice Pullover MKII

I have always had an interest in modular face coverings. This is an obvious truth that is found in most of my designs. It has to do with the necessity to hide in plain sight and more so in recent years to offer varying protection against both uncontrollable elements and societal harm. This pullover protects the wearer due to the fabric's nature, which was designed to be weather-resistant and purposeful. It is a hard-face jersey which means that the outer surface has a coating embedded into the fibers to give it strength as well as being abrasion resistant to the daily wear and tear of life. 

-Base-Plate Masc Harness/ Graphite

This design is inspired by transition, and intentional evolution through modification. In this example it takes on a form of a type of armor to protect the wearer from all that exists while traversing the social unknown. It is inclusive overall to not only fit and adjust to varying types of bodies but to also highlight acts of movement. The straps are designed to hang, mimic, and move as the body does. To invoke a feeling of forward momentum instead of being stuck in place.

-Breach Knickers

I was introduced to the style of Knickers in the early days of my design career. I spent a lot of time around bike messengers to explore clothing and movement. It was an exhilarating experience at that time and allowed me to explore alternative bag and cargo designs. To determine what was required and loathed by messengers and cyclists? The main issue that has always been an issue throughout time is the existence of a pair of pants or shorts that can withstand the abuse of the bike saddle. It has taken years of R&D to find a countermeasure to this age-old issue. 

 It is quite amusing that I had not considered looking at equestrian fabrics earlier as they are designed for hard wear and long life. One of the best textiles I’ve ever found was a Jodhpur Twill, a mixture of Nylon, cotton, and spandex. This combination of textiles creates a fabric that can endure unrelenting abuse and has a good amount of stretch to make it a very comfortable fabric to wear.  An unattended attribute of this fabric is it is fire resistant due to the insanely high melting point of nylon woven into cotton to create an overall superior textile.

At this point, I couldn’t even begin to relate the total number of knickers I have designed over the years. But there is just something about this cut that I find so intoxicating, it may be the idea that they are not pants and definitely, not shorts. Deep down this specific cut just feels right.  These do not disappoint, they were inspired by the Division pants, but include two waterproof integrated thigh pouches for dealing with unseen circumstances. They are both built with purpose and are a perfect length to properly show off distinctive footwear as well.

-Sway Loin Flap/ Graphite

This accent style seems to be one of the most sought-after designs we carry, I am not exactly sure as to why, but it carries weight and holds a slight bit of whimsy to the design. A catalyst if you will towards creating a look with a presence and intent.

The Sway is a perfect example of a subtle accent garment that holds the weight of the past being brought into the present. Similar coverings were worn by warriors, they were referred to as a “Breachclout”. Our design honors the past by giving way to the future.

I created Crisiswear in the beating heart of a broken city, back in 2001. It was daunting at the time, to say the least, being surrounded by monolithic brutalist architecture and the unrelenting energy of the city. Fashion design for me has always been about pushing the boundaries and definitions of what clothing can be. How it makes us feel while wearing it and what it allows us to accomplish with layered confidence. Fashion changes us, shows us how to grow, and fight tooth and nail for what we set our minds to.  The possibilities are endless.

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