Layering Beyond Limits: The Urban-X Outfit

Powermesh Razorback Tank

In the evolving world of cyberpunk women's clothing, our reinterpretation of the racerback tank top stands out. The Powermesh Razorback Tank is the physical manifestation of transparency and concealment. Its unique cowl neck doubles as a hood, offering both form and function. Crafted for the unpredictable nature of modern urban climates, its compression mesh strikes the right balance between breathability and warmth retention.

Base-Plate Harness Top / Graphite

Designed to slot into the world of cyberpunk techwear, the Base-Plate Harness isn't just a piece of clothing—it’s a statement. Inspired by the needs of the evolving human body, the design acts as a form of both physical and social armor; providing protection while bolstering inner strength. Easily adjustable for various body types, its magnetic strapping moves dynamically to adapt to changing shapes and curves, and in doing so, captures the essence of the forward momentum and physical mutability celebrated by cyberpunk style clothing.

Asphalt Shorts / Black with Grey Accents

As a forerunner in futuristic clothing, we never shy away from pushing design boundaries. The Asphalt Shorts are a testament to this ethos. Crafted with the urban cyclist in mind, they're a fresh twist on the Messenger style. Using a unique blend of Nylon, Cotton, and Lycra known as Jodhpur, these shorts are ready to face the rough and tumble of urban exploration, whether you're on foot or cycling.

Sway Loin Flap / Graphite

Accent fashion is often overlooked in the mainstream futuristic clothing brand market. Our solution? The Sway Loin Flap, a piece inspired by the humble breach-clouts worn by ancient warriors. It's a seamless blend of the past and present, providing a subtle yet potent statement in any cyberpunk outfit.

2x Nomad Thigh Bag

In the modern era, where carrying essentials is a must, futuristic gear like our Nomad Thigh Bag ensures you have the space without being weighed down. These bags encapsulate our approach to futuristic style clothing—which seamlessly combines utility with dark, urban aesthetics. As the world of cyberpunk wear evolves, so will our designs.

In Conclusion

Diving deep into the realms of futuristic fashion and cyberpunk style, this particular layering experiment showcases a curated collection that emphasizes exploration and personal evolution. We recognize and acknowledge the current world, yet challenge ourselves not to remain complacent within it. In the face of the unknown, instead of retreating, we encourage embracing it head-on.

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